Expert Demo : Automation using Ansible

It is happy to share the experience and thanks for the linux world for giving us this oppurtunity and thanks for Sreejith Anujan sir and Arun Eapen sir for give a spotlight on usecases of ansible.

On this session, we have witness the application of ansible. Eventhough we haven’t start to learn ansible tower, this demo kick-start future of ansible. we also came to know about the drawback in ansible and how it is solved by ansible tower.

This session tells about the need and demand for ansible. And help us to understand how clean and easy to use ansible, evethough lot of other automation technologies are there.

use cases are:

i. Creating AWS VPC. Subnet, security group, instance, etc using ansible tower.

ii. Creating Project Acceptance system and notification system using ansible tower

iii. provisioning oracle cloud using python vitual environment

why ansible tower and why not ansible:

ansible tower is more reliable and provides cluster mechanism to avoid single point of failure

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learning things that never get exhausted

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