Why GIT?? What is GIT?

Git is SCM and VCS tool. SCM is expanded as Source Code Management means it helps to maintain the source code of the program. Any changes made or any trouble occurs, it should be reliable and should not affect the code. Since the code which are running on program files for multiple clients, if any error occurs it will affect the business. …

Expert Demo : Automation using Ansible

It is happy to share the experience and thanks for the linux world for giving us this oppurtunity and thanks for Sreejith Anujan sir and Arun Eapen sir for give a spotlight on usecases of ansible.

On this session, we have witness the application of ansible. Eventhough we haven’t start to learn ansible tower, this demo kick-start future of ansible. we also came to know about the drawback in ansible and how it is solved by ansible tower.

This session tells about the need and demand for ansible. And help us to understand how…

What is mean by HIGH AVAILABILITY Architecture ?

Each time while we create a web page, we will put them in server, it will respond to the user’s request. Maintaining the the servers become more crucial part, since it must to be present all time i.e. 24 x 7, it must to more reliable, durable and available.

Problems i.e. crash of server’s hardware, natural disaster, virus attack can affect the web page. So the page will not able to access by user. But the active webpage should be present always since from the deployment. If not user will not have…

Where does the Philips comes from and what it does ?


It is a way, how we interact with programs. For example, In our real life, while we communicating with people, we can speak or we can convey our thoughts through symbols, similarly in electronic world we have interface where the user can interact with their systems through any one kind of interface. There are 2 prominent interface are GUI and CLI. In this new era we have 2 other interfaces, they are Web UI and Mobile UI. By this ways we can communicate with our machines and ask them to do what we want i.e. …

chai in cloud
chai in cloud

In today’s world, when we start any business, it is hectic task to know our exact requirements. Since our business’s growth is not exactly predictable, as it may win or lose. So investing huge money in business at very beginning in requirements is not advisable. This requirements may include storage, memory and CPU. Usually, it is a developing team, which has a great idea and a plan for its implementation — on the one hand, and the lack of money, resources and, sometimes, experience — on the other.

All circumstance of the project, like logistics, marketing, infrastructure, and others must…

Big Data used in various domain
Big Data used in various domain

Few years ago, Most of data we used are by the computers and it is between their own organisation or in their private space. As technology revolution occurs, technology started to reach our hands in different forms like mobile, laptop, tablet,etc.. Due to it’s advancement, it demands for heterogeneous data and we started to share that data to the World. For example, mobile which we first used for call, then we started to send sms, mms, email, video and audio file, etc.. And we promoted the normal phones to Smartphones.

Soon this data gets manipulated and reached the exponential growth…

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